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When you have a dead or decayed tree that is beyond repair, call on our Charleston, South Carolina tree company for expert, swift and safe removal! We understand that taking down a tree is sometimes a difficult decision, but in many cases it is the best resort:

  • A dead tree can interfere with the proper growth of surrounding, healthy trees.
  • A decaying tree in a weakened state can pose a hazard to your property. In a strong storm, unhealthy trees can fall and damage your property and create an emergency situation.
  • If a tree is interfering with a utility or power line, it is best to remove it so service isn’t interrupted.
  • Some trees may be growing on property lines, which could lead to lawsuits and disputes. In these cases, it may be best to remove the intruding tree.

Removing a tree is a dangerous job that can be costly if property damage occurs. However, we are fully, licensed and insured – and we have the decades of expertise to easily remove trees. Don’t entrust this important job to an amateur tree company, which may not have the credentials and insurance to back up accidents. You can count on our Charleston, SC tree company for swift and safe tree removal!

Experienced Tree Removal in Charleston

Unfortunately, some property owners choose to take on tree removal on their own, which usually ends in disastrous results! Our Charleston, South Carolina tree services professionals have the mechanical equipment, guide ropes and expertise required for taking down trees large and small.

Our certified arborists have the professional pride and dedication to quality that many amateur tree service companies lack. You can rest assured that we’ll give you the absolute best service, at the most competitive prices for tree removal in Charleston!

If you have a tree removal need, don’t hesitate to contact our offices any time! We’ll give you a completely free, no-obligation estimate for service and we also back our work with a full customer satisfaction guarantee! Reach out to our Charleston tree company any time! Call us at (843) 480-0333, send us an e-mail at, or complete the form to your right to get started with tree removal!

Our tree service area spans greater Charleston, and includes Mount Pleasant, Summerville, Beaufort, Georgetown, Hilton Head, Wilmington Island, Sumter, Rincon, Socastee and more! Get started with your free estimate today!


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