What are the Charleston, SC Tree Protection Requirements?

Charleston, SC takes tree protection very seriously. Certain trees are given protective barricades for protection purposes. Below you will find more information about Charleston’s tree protection requirements.

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Tree protection requirements

  1. Protective Barricades Required. Protective barricades shall be placed around all protected trees and grand trees located in development areas, and designated to be saved, prior to the start of development activities, and shall remain in place until development activities are complete or construction in accordance with standards set forth in this Section commences. The area within the protective barricade shall remain free of all building materials, dirt or other construction debris, vehicles and development activities. Barricades shall be erected at a minimum distance from the base of protected trees and grand trees according to the following standards:
    1. For Protected Trees Twenty-Three Inches (23˝) or Less D.B.H. Protective barricades shall be placed a minimum distance of ten feet (10′) from the base of each protected tree; and
    2. For Protected Trees Greater Than Twenty-Three Inches ( 23˝) D.B.H. and Grand Trees. Protective barricades shall provide a diameter of protection around the tree equal in feet to the diameter breast height of the tree(i.e., a 24˝ diameter tree would require a 24-foot diameter protective barricade).
  2. Construction within the protective barricade. Changes in grade or construction of impervious surface or utilities within the required protected barricade shall be permitted subject to the following guidelines:
    1. Changes in grade or construction within protected zones must be approved by the Zoning Administrator prior to beginning construction. Plans must be submitted which illustrate in detail protective measures necessary as described in Section 2.10 of Erosion and Sediment Control Practices for Developing Areas by the South Carolina Land Resources Conservation Commission, Erosion and Sediment Control Division; and
    2. A minimum setback, to be determined using the following guidelines, shall be maintained between impervious surfaces and the bases of all protected and grand trees, except where the zoning administrator finds that a proposed encroachment of an impervious surface will not adversely affect a tree, or that special construction methods and tree care, including but not limited to mulching, root pruning, soil aeration, and fertilization/bio-stimulant treatment, will reduce the potential for adversely affecting a tree:
      1. Trees of eight inches (8˝) to sixteen inches (16˝) D.B.H.: a minimum clearance of eight feet ( 8′) is required.
      2. Trees of seventeen inches (17˝) to twenty-three inches (23˝) D.B.H.: a minimum clearance of ten feet (10′) is required.
      3. Grand Trees: a minimum clearance of twelve feet is required, plus an additional one foot (1′) of clearance for every three D.B.H. inches (3˝) in excess of twenty-four (24) (i.e., a tree having a D.B.H. of thirty-six inches [36˝] must have a minimum clearance of sixteen feet [16′] between its base and any impervious surface).
  3. All roots outside the protective barricade to be removed during development shall be severed clean and a two inch (2˝) layer of mulch shall be applied over the surface of exposed roots during development.
  4. All pruning of protected trees and grand trees shall be done by a qualified tree service during development according to the National Arborists Association, Pruning Standards for Shade Trees.

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