Is a Site Clearing Permit Required in Charleston, SC?

In Charleston, SC, a permit is required before the start of any site clearing operation project. A more detailed explanation of ‘site clearing’ is defined in the article below. This permit is enforced by state law to ensure the protection of the city’s trees and vegetation.

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Site clearing permit required

No land within the city shall be cleared of vegetation unless a site clearing permit has been issued by the chief building official. For purposes of this section, site clearing shall mean any activity which alters the contour of land or any trees or shrubs located thereon, excluding, however, routine maintenance of trees or shrubs and routine sodding. Site clearing shall be accomplished in compliance with Article 16 of the zoning ordinance; tree protection and landscaping; and such other regulation as city council may, from time to time, enact.

Utility companies, electric suppliers and governmental agencies constructing or maintaining easements for water, sewer, electricity, gas, drainage, telephone or television transmission or rights-of-way shall be exempt from the provisions of this section if the applicable company, supplier or agency has executed an agreement with the city which, at a minimum:

  1. Recognizes the need to minimize the cutting or trimming of grand trees which do not frustrate or substantially interfere with the intended purpose of construction or maintenance;
  2. Establishes, to the extent feasible, design guidelines for construction and maintenance which identifies the saving of grand trees as a factor to be considered in the design process;
  3. Allows for a consultation process with the city prior to the commencement of major construction or maintenance or the removal of grand trees; and
  4. Provides that a breach of such agreement constitutes a violation of this section and a loss of exemption from the requirements of this section.

Removal of vegetation obstructing view of traffic

Every bush, tree, plant or other article which obstructs clear view of traffic is hereby declared to be a public nuisance and the city engineer is hereby empowered and directed to remove or trim the same to alleviate the nuisance, without notice.

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