What are the Interior Landscaping Requirements for Surface Parking Lots in Charleston, SC?

Charleston, SC regulations regarding the interior landscaping for surface parking lot is enforced to help maintain a uniform and structured city. Below you will find information on interior landscaping requirements for surface parking lots.

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Interior landscaping requirements for surface parking lots and other vehicular use areas

Surface parking lots and vehicular use areas shall include interior landscaping in accordance with the following requirements. For the purposes of this section, a landscape island shall have a minimum area equivalent to nine (9) feet wide by eighteen (18) feet long, or the length of the abutting parking space, whichever is less, be protected from the parking or service area by a curb, and be planted with one (1) recommended tree.

  1. Properties zoned BP (Business Park), LI (Light Industrial), or HI (Heavy Industrial) shall provide one (1) landscape island for every two thousand (2,000) square feet of parking, loading or other vehicular use area. Landscape islands shall be placed at the ends of automobile parking rows with the remainder of required landscape islands placed throughout the vehicular use area or combined into larger landscape islands.
  2. All other properties shall provide a minimum total number of landscape islands equivalent to one (1) landscape island for every five (5) parking spaces. Each parking row shall terminate with landscape islands and no more than twelve (12) parking spaces shall be permitted in a continuous row without being interrupted by a landscape island.
  3. Recommended trees shall comprise one-hundred (100) percent of interior parking lot trees except in cases where a parking lot is located within an existing utility easement in which case landscape islands may be planted with one (1) understory tree in place of each required recommended tree.
  4. Landscape islands having no curbing shall be protected by an alternative, durable and contextually appropriate material approved by the Zoning Administrator.
  5. Exemptions. Properties used exclusively for residential uses and zoned to allow ten (10) or fewer dwelling units, and all properties within the Old City District or Old and Historic District and limited to fifteen (15) or fewer off-street parking spaces shall not be required to provide interior landscaping.

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